Do I need to change my European driving licence?

A single driving licence for the whole EU.

The EU has introduced a harmonised licence model and further minimum requirements for obtaining a licence. This should help to keep unsafe drivers off Europe’s roads – wherever they take their driving test.

We want to comment about this new law about changing the european driving licences. It only affects licences issued for more than 15 years ago or undefined. As you can see in this photo, British licences are issued for 10 years so if you have one of these, you do not have do anything.

Validity of European driving licences:…/driving_licence_validity_national_data.p…

Click here and read the new: (in Spanish, sorry Emoticono frown )…/20141229-NP-Renovacion-permiso-conducir…

What you need todo to renew your licence? (Step by Step)…/NP-Renovacion-permiso-conducir-comunita… (Sorry, we do not have this information in English.)

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