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“What are the rules regarding overtaking a slow moving vehicle such as a mechanical digger or agricultural tractor on a road like the N332 where normal overtaking is not permitted?”

Overtaking Tractors 1The Traffic Law says that when there is a solid line, you may overtake the following vehicles so long as their speed is low and you can overtake them in a safe way – Bicycles, mopeds, pedestrians, animals, and animals towing trailers.

There is no reference to agricultural tractors or mechanical diggers in the law, so in these cases you will have to wait behind them, although the drivers of these vehicles know that they have to pull over their vehicle when there is a traffic jam caused by their vehicle.Overtaking Tractors 2


Reglamento General de Circulación


  1. “Se podrá adelantar a conductores de bicicletas, ciclomotores, peatones, animales y vehículos de tracción animal, cuando por la velocidad a que circulen puedan ser adelantados sin riesgo para ellos ni para la circulación en general.”

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