Two of our followers have sent us this information;

“A man called at our villa in Catral this morning saying he was from Catral town hall and was notifying people in the area that there was a problem with the Ambulance service reaching peoples homes because the internet was interfering with their GPS system, he said they needed to fund a new system and showed my husband his clip board with several authorisation ID type cards with his photo and what looked like official stamped letters from either the town hall or the authorities in Alicante, the stamps were faded .

He was spanish we think but spoke very fluent English. His car registration is 3446 FPL and the car was either light grey or blue and was a small car. We do not know if this man was genuine or if it is a scam.”

The first thing you have to do in this cases, is to ask for the ID of the company he is representing, together with the DNI. They can fake ID companies and to fake DNI is almost impossible nowadays. With that information, close the door for a moment, and leave them waiting outside your house.

Now, call the company they are working for…(Town Hall, Repsol, Gas Natural…), you can find the number on internet or on your bill is they give you service. NEVER CALL A NUMBER THE SCAMMER GAVE YOU. Other scammer it is on the line to give you false information.

If you can not find the number on internet, you have to options:
1. Call the Police, if you are in doubt about their identity. (062 Guardia Civil)

2. Ask them to come back another day, and get time to check all the information they told you.


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