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Did you know it is allowed to use a rotative flash orange light in your vehicle in certain situations?


Drivers of private cars may use a rotating flashing device in their vehicle to effectively signify an emergency situation, such as an accident or a breakdown, and thus avoiding further accidents in the case of poor visibility.

Besides the compulsory kit composed of “1 reflective jacket and 2 warning triangles”, drivers of private vehicles may add a V-2 type light device, which may have one or several “yellow auto” coloured lights (traditional yellow colour for front, rear and indicator lights on Spanish vehicles), which should be visible in all directions from a distance of 100 meters.

The V-2 will be installed above the highest direction indicator lights, without affecting the driver’s visibility or the vehicle’s structure protection.

Do not forget that whether or not you have a V-2 type light device, the proper way to signify an emergency situation is by using the direction indicators along with the warning triangles.

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