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Saving money on your gas or electricity supply may be a concept we have all at least seen, even if we haven´t used the service, but the latest money saving scheme to be launched is set to benefit thousands of people who can save on their motor fuel bill.

20150325 - Time to Save on Motor Fuel Bills

The Spanish consumer association, OCU, or Organización de consumidores y usuarios, has launched the first collective purchasing scheme for motor fuel in Spain, as, according to the association, although prices are liberalised, the differences between service stations do not allow consumers to reap significant savings.

OCU has pointed out that although there was a recent drop in fuel prices, they have constantly been increasing and have regained the higher prices already after the brief reduction. OCU believe that consumers are suffering as a result of fast rising prices and although the price of oil moves quickly, the end product price continues to increase.

OCU also believe that it is unacceptable that there is no competition in the motor fuel sector, especially considering that in Spain prices before taxes and margins are applied are higher than in much of the rest of the European continent.

Therefore, the collective aims to save money for everybody and to seek affordable and fair prices, creating a fairer market with discounts based on the more you use.

Collective Purchasing has already been proven as a valuable tool to consumers who want to change things. It is clear, they say, that together we can get more, and now our goal is to achieve a better price for gasoline and diesel.

Participation is free and without obligation, but you do have to register before May 12th on the dedicated website,, in order to achieve significant savings.

Although the website is expectedly in Spanish, it is relatively easy to submit your information with just a little knowledge of the language. When you get to the site, you have to put your first and last names in the boxes, along with your email address and telephone number. Then tick the two boxes about accepting their terms and conditions and allowing them to contact you. These are requirements of data protection legislation and the very least we would expect from a consumer association who dedicate their activities to representing and protecting us. Then click the big button named “Inscribete”.

Next, you choose the type of fuel you normally buy, the amount of annual kilometres you travel, the amount you spend on fuel each month and your postcode, to allow the closest options when you are set to save, finally choosing two of your favourite fuel suppliers.

You will then receive an email with your unique reference clearly marked, so you can make changes to your data at any time.

That´s it, then you wait. Once the collective starts to operate you will receive information about where to get cheaper fuel as part of the first such collective of its kind.

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