The Directorate General of Guardia Civil is to sell off around 500 vehicles which have served their purpose and have been decommissioned.

20150412 - Cars for Sale

The lots include cars, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and even armoured vehicles, all at bargain prices of around 25 to 30 euro for a motorbike, little over 100 euro for a car, and just over 600 euro for the armoured SUV´s.

One downside is that you have to bid for the vehicles in units of 10, in which the assets have been grouped. Another downside is the fact that all of the vehicles are of high mileage and nearing the end of their healthy working lives, and so the costs of maintenance and repair may well be considerable. You will also have to pay for the removal of the vehicles yourself, if you´re lucky enough to grab one of the bargain lots.

The vehicles are located across the entire country and can be inspected by contacting the respective vehicle administration department of the corps. Interested parties need to move quickly though as the deadline for submitting bids is the 22nd of April.

Oh, and by the way, the picture is for demonstration purposes only and is not necessarily of the vehicles for sale.

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