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In the latest data revealed by the Fundación VINCI Autoroutes, drivers on Spanish roads reveal the “truth” about their driving habits.

The good is that 94% of all Spanish road users used the word “polite” to describe themselves, 71% described themselves as “careful” and 61% as “calm”. In fact, in the positive rating scale, Spain overall comes out at 7.8 out of 10, slightly higher than the 7.7 out of 10 European average, according to the drivers themselves.

Oddly though, when it comes to assessing the behaviour of others, Spanish drivers consider 41% of their fellow road users to be irresponsible, 34% are stressed, 30% are aggressive and they collectively consider 22% to be dangerous.

According to the data collected, Sweden is home to the most exemplary drivers, the most irresponsible are the Italians, and the most critical are the Spanish, but of their fellow countrymen.

When it comes to admitting what they do wrong, or at least getting a little closer to the truth, 87% admit to speeding by a “few” kilometres per hour, an increase of 8 points since the 2014 survey, but a little lower than the European average of 91%.

When it comes to indicating, 63% say that they sometimes forget to indicate a manoeuvre on the roads, an increase of 23 points since 2014, and somewhat higher than the 58% European average.

Whilst driving, 62% admit to not respecting a safe distance from the vehicle in front, up 12 points from the 2014 survey, and slightly lower than the European average of 65%.

Whilst driving on the motorway network, 60% admit to sticking in the centre lane when the right hand, normal driving lane is clear, up 8 points from 2014, higher than the European average of 56%.

When approaching road works, 59% admit to not slowing down, up 13 points in a year, and higher than the 55% European average.

Inappropriate use of the horn is done by 64% of all drivers, only increasing 1 point since 2014, but considerably higher than the 47% European average. In fact, Spain comes out on top of this chart.

Expressing insults to other drivers has been the admittance of 62% of Spanish road users, again increasing but by 3 points, and again higher than the European average of 56%.

Some 31% also admit to deliberately sticking too close to a car driven by somebody who has irritated them, an increase of 5 points, but actually slightly lower than the 32% in Europe.

Finally, 19% admitting to stopping their vehicle in order to have a “discussion” with another driver, again an increase of 3 points, and higher than the 15% European average.

Although the data may not be completely accurate, as it is based on the admittance of drivers that they are doing things wrong, something that, also according to the data, more people do than care to admit themselves, it is clear that the figures in most segments are increasing, and at an alarming rate.

Remember that despite the admittance of all of these dangerous attitudes and actions, 94% of all Spanish road users used the word “polite” to describe themselves, and 71% described themselves as “careful”.

A safer driving attitude begins and ends with the driver and there are countless lessons we can all learn when things go devastatingly wrong with catastrophic and fatal results.

Keep calm, keep your distance, keep your speed under control and keep safe.

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