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The DGT has announced that the helicopters equipped with the Pegasus radar equipment will be focussing their attention on roads with high accident rates in the next few months.

20150420 - Pegasus to Focus on Dangerous Roads

The announcement was made during a working meeting held in A Coruña attended by the chief of the helicopter unig, Jesús Guardia, in which all heads of the seven helicopter bases attended, along with pilots and observers from the operational units.

During the meeting Guardia said that various matters were discussed, such as monitoring traffic coordination with management centres and ground patrols of the Guardia Civil, and how the focus from the director general of traffic, Maria Segui, was to monitor areas with a known high accident rate. These areas are located in almost all cases on conventional roads, with traffic flowing in both directions and without any kind of separation, where the majority of fatal crashes occur, accounting for around 90% of the total number of casualties.

The Pegasus airborne radar speed detectors can operate from a distance as far as 1,000 feet in the air, or 300 metres, and are able to pinpoint speeding vehicles up to a kilometre away, travelling at speeds of up to 360 kilometres per hour.

Meanwhile, on Pegasus equipped helicopter went for a journey by road itself this week, as the aircraft based in Galicia was taken on the back of a truck to Madrid for repairs, after a fault was discovered when the helicopter was giving a demonstration to school children. The pilot noticed a fault and aborted the flight, leaving the helicopter at the site awaiting the recovery truck

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