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In the seven day anti-speeding campaign that ran on Spain´s roads from the 13th to the 19th of April, 735,496 vehicles were checked, from which 32,186 drivers were reported for exceeding speed limits (representing 4.4% of the total), and two of them were brought before the courts for driving at more than 80 kilometres per hour above the speed limit.

Due to the high percentage of accidents and incidents that occur on conventional roads, those roads that have a single lane in each direction, these were the primary focus of the campaign, although not exclusively.

On motorways where the generic speed limit is 120 kilometres per hour, 239,688 vehicles were checked, with 9,347 drivers reported for speeding, with an average speed of 138 kilometres per hour recorded.

On conventional roads, 439,608 vehicles were monitored, from which 19,905 drivers were reported, recording an average speed of 114 kilometres per hour on roads where the limit was 90 or 100 kilometres per hour.

Finally, on roads where the maximum permitted speed was 50 kilometres per hour, 56,200 vehicles were checked, with 2,934 drivers reported, recording an average speed of 71 kilometres per hour.

20150423 - Over Thirty Thousand Speeders Caught in a Week

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