The European Commission has presented plan son Monday that will facilitate the implementation of devices that block vehicles from starting if it detects that the driver has consumed alcohol.

20150427 - Europe Presents Immobilisation Plan in Excessive Alcohol Cases

The plan extends a mechanism that already applies to drivers punished for drink driving in three member states, and the plan is now to implement the measure across the continent for all drivers.

The code will come into force on the 15th of May in the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden, with the commission insisting that it is for each member state to decide whether or not to implement the system.

The initial aim is to prevent re-offending drivers who have been punished for driving with excessive alcohol in their system but have not lost their license.

Belgium, Germany and Denmark are already preparing their own legislation in line with the changes, whereas the system has been adopted in France already, but only for drivers of school buses.

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