The Ministry of the Interior has allocated 45 million euro for the leasing of 779 new vehicles for the National Police.

20150507 - Nearly 800 New Vehicles for the National Police

In addition to providing the different vehicles as per the specification, the provider must also ensure their maintenance for the five year period of the contract.

The investment is the first time that the government has made such a commitment to police vehicles in the last ten years, during which time many of the current fleet has fallen into disrepair, with unions across the country denouncing the standards of some of the vehicles.

The cars must be diesel powered and of a “minivan” type, and be equipped as per the standards set down in the contract for police vehicles.

The interior must also be fitted out to a strict specification, which includes body armour, a protective shield, and be capable of withstanding a minimum of four shots from a submachine gun at a distance of 5 metres, without damaging the occupants.

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