A fake Superman has got into serious trouble this week, after risking his own life for an internet viral video stunt.

The film, which was posted online, shows a male imitating the flying pose of Superman pull up alongside a moving vehicle, tapping on the window and then speaking to the driver. After a few moments, “superman” then retires back towards the rear of the vehicle.

20150508 - Stupid Superman Fined

In reality, the fake superman is a passenger in the rear of the moving vehicle who leans out of the window and moves alongside the driver before returning inside the car.

The formal complaint has been raised against the driver for negligence and endangering life and the passenger for not wearing a seatbelt and behaviour inappropriate whilst driving.

It is also believed that the two men featured in the video are fire fighters from the town of Los Corrales de Buelna in Cantabria and, although they were not on duty at the time, may also face internal disciplinary proceedings.

There is an article on the n332.es website about the dangers of leaning out of the window and keeping safe inside the vehicle here.

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