Officers from the Guardia Civil gave chase to an ambulance on Saturday which had been stolen during a patient transfer in the Béjar area of Salamanca.

20150513 - Dangerous Thief Steals Ambulance

Whilst the ambulance were unloading a patient on a stretcher who was attending a course of dialysis, the thief jumped on board the emergency vehicle and sped away.

The 112 emergency coordination centre relayed the information immediately to the Guardia Civil, who were instantly able to monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle on account of it having a GPS tracking device installed.

The Guardia Civil set up a roadblock on the route the vehicle was taking in the Cáceres area. However, as the ambulance approached the roadblock, the driver smashed through the vehicle check point and continued. Realising that the vehicle was being monitored by GPS the thief managed to disable the unit, and so the pursuers lost contact, but continued the chase.

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The vehicle continued along the A-66 main road, reaching speeds in excess of 170 kilometres per hour, with eyewitnesses reporting how the vehicle seriously endangered motorists were using the highway as the officers continue their chase.

Further roadblocks were set up along the two possible routes the ambulance could take, one being on the EX-100 near the Badajóz town of La Roca de la Sierra, where officers asked other drivers to stop their vehicles and create a physical barrier to prevent the passage of the ambulance.

Finding himself trapped, the offender stopped the ambulance and continued to flee on foot, although the officers continued to give chase, finally stopping the dangerous and callous thief.

The suspect was arrested and identified as a Portuguese resident of Badajóz.

The ambulance, a Fiat Ducato, was recovered and returned, where it is now in the workshop undergoing repairs, whilst currently not in service of its life saving duties.

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