Officers from the Guardia Civil have arrested six people in Alicante accused of simulating 45 traffic accidents with the intention of obtaining compensation from insurance companies to the value of 150,000 euro.

20150513 - Vehicle Insurance Fraudsters Arrested

The investigation began in September when investigators from the specialist traffic research and analysis unit, GIAT, based in Alicante became aware of the possible existence of the group who operated with the sole intention of obtaining compensation for damage to property and person.

As the investigation continued, the officers became aware of 45 cases of traffic accidents between the members of the group, who exchanged information in the reports in order to claim their payouts.

In the claims, the proportion of claimants and the severity of injuries and damage were inconsistent, with official reports absent in most cases, including a lack of police reports.

What was also questionable was the short space of time between claims from individuals involved in the incidents which had been claimed.

Therefore, the officers proceeded to arrest the six people involved, five men and a women, all aged between 30 and 81 years of age, on suspicion of the offence of fraud.

The arrestees were then delivered to the courts of Alicante for processing.

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