A 59 year old man from Aspe died on Thursday after being involved in a hit and run tragedy on the A7 motorway.

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20150515 - Man Killed in Motorway Hit and Run

The man had been involved in a minor crash on the motorway in the Elche area, in which the drivers of both vehicles were uninjured, but the man had left his vehicle and was then struck by the truck as he crossed the roadway.

The truck failed to stop at the scene and fled, leaving the victim on the road. Guardia Civil traffic officers rushed to the scene, along with emergency medics and carried out CPR on the victim, but there was nothing that could be done to save the life of the victim.

Another motorist at the scene managed to photograph the truck and although the number plate is illegible in that picture, investigators are now aware of the make, model and colour of the vehicle and information on the plate on a container it was carrying, and are confident that they will be able to track down the driver.

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