A total of seven people have lost their lives in traffic collisions during the course of the weekend in the provisional count by the DGT between 15:00 on Friday and 20:00 on Sunday.

On Friday, two people were killed in an incident in Seville, another two in Badajoz.

Saturday saw one fatality, whereas two people were killed on Sunday, one of whom was a cyclist who died in the Albacete area. An emergency helicopter was called to assist medics at the scene but it was stood down as there was nothing that could be done to save his life.

A helicopter was used in another incident on Sunday however, taking a 52 year old motorcyclist to hospital in Valencia following a crash on the CV-35 in the town of Losa del Obispo.

20150517 - Seven Fatalities on the Roads this Weekend

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a 76 year old woman had a lucky escape in the León town of La Robla when her car caught fire, igniting the surrounding vegetation where she had stopped. The victim was taken by ambulance to hospital.

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