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Officers from the National Police have arrested an Italian national who was attempting to bring 118,100 euro into Spain, hidden in different parts of his vehicle.

The man was a passenger on board a boat which had come from Italy to Barcelona, although he planned to travel to Marbella in Málaga by road.

The man was the subject of a pending police search and arrest warrant for allegedly committing a robbery with violence and intimidation.

Officers at the port of Barcelona requested to inspect the documentation of the man and noted “nervousness” in his attitude. Upon checking the documents the officers discovered that the man had been wanted for questioning since January for an alleged crime of robbery with violence and intimidation, issued through the police in Marbella.

Having then proceeded to inspect the vehicle, the officers discovered 5,000 euro hidden in the glove compartment. The man then claimed that he was not carrying anything else. However, with the collaboration of the Guardia Civil, a specially trained dog to detect bank notes was brought in to assist. The dog identified the spare wheel as being suspicious.

When subject to a scanner, the officers were able to visually confirm the dog´s suspicion and continued with a detailed inspection. Upon opening the tyre they discovered a large number of bundles of money wrapped in clear plastic and secured by rubber bands.

20150521 - Cash Smuggler Arrested in Barcelona 1

In total, the officers found a total of 113,100 euro, mostly in 500, 200, 100 and 50 note denominations.

The bank notes were all genuine and were legal tender but the carrier could not justify their origin, and so the man was detained whilst the relevant proceedings are carried out.

20150521 - Cash Smuggler Arrested in Barcelona 2

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