Police officers in Avilés, a city in Asturias, northern Spain, arrested a man on Thursday who entered the local fire station and stole and drove off at high speed in an emergency vehicle.


The fire fighters had received a call to attend an emergency at a road junction where a collision had occurred. Upon arriving at the scene it became apparent that the alert had been a false alarm on account of the incident being a minor collision which was settled by the occupants of both vehicles who had then left the scene.

AS the fire station had become vacant whilst the fire fighters attended the false emergency, the young male was seen “browsing” around the facility.

The male then entered one of the remaining vehicles and drove it from the fire station “at full speed”.

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As the fire fighters returned to the station they alerted the police who managed to stop the stolen fire vehicle and promptly arrest the 20 year old male for a crime of motor vehicle theft. He was delivered to the National Police for processing.

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