A total of seven people have lost their lives, two of them cyclists, in six fatal incidents on Spanish roads this weekend, according to the provisional data between 15:00 on Friday and 20:00 on Sunday, according to the DGT.

The crash which produced the most fatalities was on Saturday when a Ford Transit van and a bicycle were involved in a collision in Almería resulting in the deaths of a 35 year old and a 73 year old. Another person was killed on Saturday in a separate crash, resulting in a total of three deaths and one person being injured.

There were no fatalities on Friday, but the remaining four people were killed on Sunday. Another cyclist was seriously injured on Sunday in Orihuela when a cyclist left the road and landed in a ravine. In view of the difficulty accessing the area, an air ambulance was called and transported the injured cyclist to the Vega Baja hospital.

There was also a lucky escape for a four legged road user this weekend when a Guardia Civil patrol managed to rescue a lost puppy who was wandering about in the road. The dog was taken to the El Grande Asoka animal welfare association for adoption.

20150524 - Seven People Killed on the Roads this Weekend

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