After the news of the tragic death of a Guardia Civil motorcyclist this weekend, two other bikers have lost their lives on the roads of Spain this weekend, in the provisional count from the DGT between 15:00 on Friday and 20:00 on Sunday.

The first incident occurred on Saturday in Málaga when a motorcyclist was killed on a conventional road, the cause of the crash being attributed to inappropriate speed.

201505310 - Tragic Weekend for Motorcyclists

The second incident also occurred on Saturday when a second motorcyclist was killed on the Balearic Islands, also on a conventional road.

Meanwhile, two bikers were seriously injured on Saturday night on their way to Salamanca and had to be taken to hospital as a result of their injuries.

Also on Saturday, a mechanic was killed on the A-2 road in Madrid when he was repairing a truck´s wheel when the tyre exploded in his face, killing him on impact.

A man surrendered himself to police on Sunday after initially fleeing the scene of a collision with a pedestrian resulting in the victim, a man who was walking his dog, being killed in the impact. It is believed that the driver had been drinking which is why he first fled the scene.

There was a lucky escape for passengers on a bus in Antequera, Málaga, when their vehicle spun out of control and crashed, although luckily nobody was injured.

There was also a lucky escape for a dear during the weekend when it became trapped in fencing. Rescuers managed to free it from the fence and release it back to its home, much to its obvious delight.


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