Officers from Guardia Civil have begun criminal proceedings against two individuals who posted insulting and defamatory statements on social network sites following the death of a traffic officer in Jumilla last week.

20150605 - Offensive Posters Arrested

The two people, who are residents of the Murcia town of Cehegín and aged 19 and 36, are being charged for their activities which are being dealt with as hate crimes.

The investigation began on the 3rd of June when the officers became aware of comments being made in reference to images published in a newspaper article which were considered to be offensive and graphic.

José Fernando Almagro was a 42 year old officer who was killed in the line of duty whilst on his way to assist in a traffic incident. His motorcycle was struck by a van coming in the opposite direction and he was killed at the scene. He was married with two children.

The charge of a crime of causing serious injury through advertising has seen the pair before the magistrate’s court at Caravaca de la Cruz.

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