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Officers from the Guardia Civil carried out 6,548 inspections of car mechanical workshops in 2014, and found a total of 17,070 administrative violations.

20150609 - Garage and Workshop Inspections Increasing

The information was released this week which details the activities of the law enforcers in collaboration with garage and vehicle maintenance association.

Illegal and unlicensed garages are considered a risk on account of some of them endangering road safety, environmental requirements, tax and social security evasion and providing unfair competition to those who operate within the confines of the law.

During the month of October last year the Guardia Civil intensified inspections of garages, the result being 238 being forced to shut their doors permanently.

Of the infractions identified during the inspections, 61.7% were for non-compliance with environmental regulations, 27.9% were for municipal license deficiencies or breach of industry standards, and the remaining 10.4% were violations of other regulations relating to social security or tax legislation.

The Director General of the Guardia Civil pointed out how the number of inspections of these premises has risen from just 61 in 2011, to 6,548 in 2014, resulting in a huge hike in reports from 308 complaints in 2011, to 17,070 in 2014, thus showing the commitment of the body to eradicate the problem.

Details of how to ensure that the garage or workshop you use is legal, and the reasons why this is important, can be found on the website,

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