An investigation was launched on Tuesday to identify a cyclist videoed travelling at 80 kilometres per hour behind a bus in Barcelona.


The occupants of a car videoed the cyclist on the Ronda de Litoral, using the slipstream from the bus to ease pedalling.

Despite being below the maximum speed whereas a radar detector would have caught the vehicle, cyclists, along with mopeds, pedestrians and vehicles transporting goods are not permitted on the particular stretch of road.

Meanwhile, complaints were once again raised this week over the dangerous practice of skateboarding along the steep and winding mountainous path at sa Calobra in Mallorca. A popular pastime for some years now there have yet to be any recorded serious incidents or fatalities, but motorists are urging the authorities to take action as it is only a matter of time before one of these frill seekers is killed or seriously injured at the hands of another road user innocently going about their business.

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