Offence: Failing to Maintain a Safe Distance.

Driving behind a vehicle without maintaining the correct and safe distance (which does vary with weather and road conditions), will result in a fine and the loss of points.

Fine: 200 euro fine and the loss of 4 points

Reason: Driving too close to the vehicle in front reduces your reaction time and your overall stopping distance, this making it more likely that you will collide with that vehicle if they have to react to something in front. Although there are mathematical calculations relating to the correct distance, always remember the 2 second rule and leave a 2 second time gap between you and the vehicle in front. To do this, find a fixed object ahead such as a sign or tree and count the time between the vehicle in front passing that point and the time you do. If you can´t time 2 seconds, at your normal speaking speed, say the phrase, “only a fool breaks the 2 second rule”, which takes about 2 seconds to say. In wet conditions, the gap should be at least doubled and considerably lengthened in the event of cold and icy conditions.


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