Offence: Using Your Mobile Phone Whilst Driving.

Using your mobile phone when driving also carries a fine, even if you are holding it on “speaker”, you are still holding and using your mobile. You are also not allowed to wear any kind of headphone or headset. Even the popular single-ear Bluetooth headsets are not permitted when you are driving. You cannot have any headphones or headsets which go into your ear. The police, and others besides, communicate by Bluetooth headsets when they are patrolling on their motorbikes, but the difference is that these headsets are built into the helmet and do not go into the ears. This sort of integral device is permitted, but no others.

Fine: 200 euro and the loss of 3 points

Reason: Distractions are one of the main contributing factors to road traffic collisions. Using your mobile means that the driver´s attention is distracted from the most important function, driving the car. Even the distraction for a second can be deadly, when the vehicle is moving at the same time.


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