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Officers from the Guardia Civil in Murcia have arrested two people on suspicion of being involved in a spate of robberies on the A7 motorway.

Roadside Robbers Arrested on A7 Motorway

The officers were involved in preventative duties in the Guadalentín area when they were notified of reports of a series of robberies having taken place from rest areas and service stations on the motorway.

Having received the information which allowed them to assess the likely movements of the offenders, officers descended on a number of rest areas and lay in wait.

The strategy soon proved fruitful as one of the patrols observed a vehicle behaving in a suspicious manner in a rest area near to Librilla, with two occupants on board who matched the descriptions of those given by witnesses to the previous crimes.

The officers stopped the vehicle in order to carry out a seemingly routine check and sought to identify the two people on board, whilst also searching their vehicle, where they found various items reported stolen in recent incidents.

The evidence found allowed the officers to arrest the two people on suspicion of robbery with violence and intimidation where they were brought into custody.

The preliminary investigation indicates that at the time of the arrest the two suspects were about to commit a robbery, which was foiled by the officers, but they are attributed as being the alleged authors of two counts of robbery with violence and intimidation, not ruling out its involvement in more crimes.

Those arrested are both male and of Romanian nationality, aged 21 and 20 years, living in the Alicante province and have a background of having committed similar offences. They were subsequently brought before the courts in Totana.

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