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The latest statistics revealed by the National Spanish Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences (INTCF) reveals that 43% of drivers killed in road traffic incidents last year tested positive for the presence of alcohol, drugs and / or psychotropic drugs, a figure which is 4 points higher than last year.


The report includes the results of toxicological analysis of 900 deaths (638 drivers, 179 pedestrians and 83 companions) in road traffic collisions. The director of INTCF, Dolores Moreno, clarifies that the casualty figures are lower than the 1,126 reported by the DGT as some autonomous communities carry out their own toxicological analysis.

Of the drivers who tested positive for the tested substances (275 drivers in total), 67% had ingested alcohol, more than 30% were found to have some kind of drug, and over 26% had consumed psychoactive drugs.

The report indicates that the data reflects an increased consumption of alcohol and psychoactive drugs among those killed, whilst the level of drug use has been maintained. In 2014, 26% tested positive for alcohol, 10.74% psychoactive drugs and 13.35% drugs. The figures last 2015 stood at 29.3% alcohol, 11.44% in psychoactive drugs and 13.6% in drugs.

In the case of pedestrians killed, more than 46% of the 179 cases analysed were positive, of which almost 57% had consumed alcohol, 40% psychotropics and 34% some other kind of drug.

In those tested positive for drugs, the substance detected among drivers was cocaine (49% positive), followed by cannabis (44%) and opiate morphine derivatives (14%).

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