A popular YouTuber has been left to consider the consequences of his actions after one of his videos was reported to the Guardia Civil.

YouTuber Videoed Himself Playing Pokemon at the Wheel

Despite the account having almost three million followers, it only took one concerned viewer to alert the authorities that they had just watched the video where a driver of an Audi car was seen to be travelling at 180 kilometres per hour trying to catch Pokemon.

Audi, who had let the video star borrow the car, immediately withdrew their support and their permission to use the vehicle, in an attempt to distance themselves from such reckless activity, posting their condemnation on their official Twitter account.

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Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil are now looking into the video and the complaint to assess what action can be taken against the driver who risked lives in the pursuit of fame in playing a game and now faces a fine and the loss of points from his licence.

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