Ten people have lost their lives on Spain´s roads during the weekend, one of the busiest on the holiday calendars when many domestic tourists return home. Of the incidents which occurred on the main road network, five of them involved motorcyclists or mopeds.

On Friday there were no fatalities recorded, but on Saturday five people were killed in as many incidents, including a 42 year old biker who came off his bike on the CV800, in the La Carrasqueta area near to Xixona, Alicante. The rider was part of a group which included his wife when his motorbike collided with a short wall designed to stop vehicles falling from the road and down the steep hillside. The rider was alone on his bike and the only one involved in the incident which cost his life.

Ten Deaths on the Roads This Summer Weekend 1

On Sunday there was a head-on collision between two cars on the A-67 towards Santander in the Barreda area whereas in a separate incident a truck crashed into a concrete wall and overturned on the A-7 motorway in Paterna, Valencia.

Although not a fatal crash, one of the most surprising images taken during the weekend was from San Javier when two elderly people were slightly injured in a crash on a roundabout on the MU-301 on Saturday. Their vehicle ended up virtually upright wedged in a ditch, supported by a crash barrier which was undamaged in the incident.

Ten Deaths on the Roads This Summer Weekend 2

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