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N332 were contacted by a Guardia Civil officer from Murcia who wanted us to share information about a device which he not only thinks is a great invention, but it is also a potential life saver.


In his own time, the officer is a motorcyclist for both everyday transportation and also pleasure. One of the biggest hazards whilst riding through the country roads of Murcia s the appearance of wild animals. Incidentally, Murcia is one of the regions of Spain where wildlife is particularly protected and there are road signs throughout much of the region advising drivers to slow down and be alert.


However, although the drivers may well heed the signs, the animals are often still complacent and wander into the road without warning.

That is where devices such as Deer Alert come in. They are small audible devices, which humans can´t hear by the way, which create a noise which increases with volume as the vehicle approaches the animals. The wildlife become aware of the approaching danger well in advance and react appropriately, usually by leaving the area.

They are humane devices and cause no harm to the animals, they simply provide an audible warning. Although Deer Alert is one of the biggest brands, it is not only dears that are protected, other animals hear the warning too.

Of course the installation of the device should not mean that the driver or rider can become complacent through a false sense of immortality, but they do help in reducing the possible impact with animals and anything which reduces risk can only be a good thing.

We have chosen some of our favourites and listed them below for you to look at, alternatively check out your local supplier and you can do your bit to not only reduce risk to yourself, but also the delicate environment and ecosystem.

This article first appeared in issue 2 of the N332 RoadWatch magazine…

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