Officers from the Economic and Tax Crime investigation unit of the National Police, UDEF, in Murcia are investigating more than 100 people for fraudulent activities related to vehicle insurance.


Amongst those under investigation are supposed victims or road traffic incidents, as well as lawyers and doctors, most of whom are trauma specialists, with links to another criminal gang which was disbanded in 2014 after they falsified claims for around 400 incidents.

The officers discovered an extensive network of activity specifically aimed at defrauding insurance companies through false and exaggerated claims following incidents, and others which were intentionally caused.

The network included lawyers who specialise in traffic related matters, and doctors who also specialise in treating motor vehicle related injuries.

The 2014 investigation began following the suspicions raised by insurance companies over the severity of claims and abnormalities in the reporting. The investigation revolved predominantly around the Murcia region with the heads of the network, two residents of Molina de Segura, joining more than 60 people arrested. Despite that network being disbanded, the ringleaders continued to operate, leading to these latest findings and arrests.

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