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A judge in Seville has ruled that a cyclist who was hit by a car whilst riding over a pedestrian crossing must compensate the driver of the car that hit him.

The incident occurred in November, 2015, when the cyclist was crossing calle Pino de Santa Clara then joining the flow of traffic. The crossing was displaying a “green” phase for the passage of pedestrians, with a flashing amber light for vehicles on the road.

The cyclist collided with the side of a car, which was continuing along the road, over the crossing. Because the cyclist was on the crossing at the time, it was first considered that the car was at fault, but the judge has ruled otherwise, as the crossing was for the passage of pedestrians and, as the bicycle was being ridden, it is classed as a vehicle and should not have been using the crossing.

The cyclist must now pay 500.42 euro to the owner of the car by means of compensation for the damage caused. The cyclist is also condemned to pay the costs of the court.

The ruling is also a warning to other cyclists that they must understand and respect the rules and priorities of the road.


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