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Welcome to the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch eMagazine. Once again we have lots to tell you about in this issue, including our promised look at the new tablet computers being used by traffic officers across Spain. We have mentioned them already, but now they are in service, we have first-hand information as to what they can do. We give you the introduction in this edition, and in the future we will look at them in even more detail. The most important part for us though is that it allows for the sharing and disseminating of information far quicker than ever before.

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We have visited a couple of associations to give talks on road safety, with more of those coming in March. As always, the talks prompt a number of questions, so we have answered those in this edition too, such as how many gas bottles can be carried, for example.

We have also got details about driving licences, in particular the benefits of changing your UK licence to a Spanish one if you are a resident, and we look at some more of the secret codes that reveal more about your driving status than you might realise.

Talking of licences, there are calls to have a similar points system for bicycles, whereas cyclists would lose points if they commit driving offences. An interesting concept perhaps, but not one of the easiest to enforce, you can read about the proposals inside.

This year might also be a significant one for the driving test, as experts predict that people born in this year may never have to take a test, as robotic and autonomous vehicle technology is already racing ahead, and so it is only a matter of time before the skill of driving is a thing of the past, perhaps.

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Our friends at Ibex Insurance have provided us with an interesting article again this time, and we take a closer look at one of our other supporting businesses, Autos Direct, by use of a virtual tour. We even take you inside a vehicle, so long as you visit on the web that is, or in person obviously.

We have some of the most interesting news stories from around the world too, including a rather bizarre one from America where a driver is attempting to sue a mobile phone manufacturer for not preventing him from using his mobile when he crashed his car.

We also take a look at number plates, in particular the need to keep them clean and visible, how you must never tamper with them, and the benefits of new acrylic materials.

Well, we hope you enjoy this latest edition and the articles we have collated for you. Remember to keep visiting the website,, where new articles are posted regularly, and follow N332 on Facebook, if you don´t already, where almost 90,000 people are regularly kept updated.

Until next time, stay safe.

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