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A young man from Seville was arrested by the Guardia Civil after jumping 12 red lights and travelling at speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour. His excuse being sexual desperation!

The man had received a WhatsApp message from his girlfriend telling him that she was home alone for an hour as her parents had gone out, and the couple were keen to have sex.

The man quickly took to his car and raced towards his girlfriend’s house, skipping all the red lights on the way. He was spotted by a Guardia Civil patrol who gave chase, pursuing the vehicle for half an hour in an attempt to get him to stop, and at speeds in excess of 200 kilometres per hour.

The man did eventually stop and told the officers why he was acting as he did. He then began to cry and pleaded with the officers to let him go, as the couple had not had sex for some time, promising to return to them in an hour.

Whether the officers felt any compassion for his situation is unknown, however, it is known that they decline his request, taking him to the Guardia Civil headquarters where he was processed and faces court for crimes against road safety.


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