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The Canine Unit of the local police in Alicante have denounced a person for allegedly committing a crime of animal abuse, by leaving a dog locked in a vehicle, in temperatures above 36 degrees, for some time.

The incident came about when concerned local residents alerted the police of the presence of the dog in a car in a car park, showing signs of distress and severe discomfort.

The police immediately attended and were concerned that the dog was on the brink of suffocation and so broke the rear window of the vehicle to gain access, successfully rescuing the dog.

The police have opened legal proceedings and filed a formal complaint against the owner who is charged with the alleged commission of a crime of animal abuse. In addition, the officers carried out a check on the vehicle and its owner and found that the car did not have a valid ITV, and so they seized the vehicle, removing it on the back of a tow truck, with the owner facing separate charges for vehicle offences.

The police extend the warning once again about leaving dogs in vehicles, as the temperature inside quickly increase and puts the animal´s life at severe risk. Therefore, in endangering the life of an animal, the offence can carry a prison sentence, as well as hefty fines, aside from the obvious fact that the animal may well die.

If anybody witnesses an animal left in a vehicle, so not act, call the police or emergency services immediately.

In this case, the police started a campaign to find a foster family for the abandoned dog, before it is put into the care of the local animal centre.

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