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Local Police in Elche have filed a complaint to initiate proceedings against a father who allegedly attempted to cover for his son who was involved in a collision whilst drunk.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning, at around 7:30, when the younger man fled the scene of the collision in order to avoid a breathalyser test. At 08:25, the father telephoned the emergency services to report that he had been involved in an incident on Calle Bigastro, where he had crashed his vehicle into a number of protective bollards.

The father reported that the bollards, which are used to separate a bus lane, had been in the middle of the road and that he had been unable to avoid hitting them, whilst also expressing an intention to claim damages from the town hall for liability due to the items being in the road.

However, the investigation revealed the opposite of what was claimed, where tyre marks indicated that the vehicle had invaded the opposite lane, which had been protected by the bollards as it was a bus lane.

The evidence also coincided with an incident an hour earlier reported by witnesses, who saw the incident, the vehicle and the driver fleeing the scene.

After the investigation, the officers found that the father was actually trying to cover up for his son, who was the one involved in the sole incident, and had absconded for “fear” of giving a positive breathalyser test.

The young man and his father then acknowledged that after fleeing the scene, they had returned together and placed pieces of the plastic barrier in the lane and on the car so as to suggest the incident had just happened.

Despite the truth only coming out over an hour after the actual incident, the actual driver did indeed test positive for alcohol, and, by calculating backwards, would have been more than double the maximum permitted limit at the time.

The local police have subsequently filed complaints for both an alleged crime against road safety and a cover-up.

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