A number of drivers participating in the annual Lion´s Run car race have been reported for a variety of offences for speeding, and drink or drug driving offences.

The internationally renowned annual race of high-end vehicles began in Paris on the 6th of June, and is set to end in Ibiza. This non-competitive event normally lasts 8 days and is regularly checked to ensure traffic regulations are adhered to in the countries through which it runs.

During checks arranged by the Guardia Civil traffic police in both the Valencian Community and the Community of Aragon, vehicles were monitored during their Spanish leg of the route.

In the Aragon region, 9 vehicles were reported for excessive speed, with one of them detected driving at 202 kilometres per hour.

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In the Valencian Community, as a consequence of the operation, 29 high-end vehicles were checked, and as a result, 9 drivers were reported for speeding, 5 of which gave a positive result due to the presence of drugs in the body, and 1 for exceeding the legally established blood alcohol levels.

Also, two complaints were made for infractions to the general driving rules, one of them for reckless driving when the driver removed half of the body of the vehicle to film it. Also a foreign driver was denounced for possession of marijuana.

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