It´s that time of year again when many of us are filled with dread at a common sight on the roads, one which might appear to be “cool”, but one that has potentially deadly consequences, putting your feet up on the dashboard.

If you are seen then there is an offence, “Failing to maintain the proper position in the vehicle”, which can refer to passengers with their feet on the dashboard, drivers with their arms out the window, or any other situation where proper posture is not maintained.

The fine is 80 euro, the consequences, much harsher.

There are many reasons why this rule is important. For example, in the event of impact, the injuries sustained by a person with their feet on the dashboard are nothing less than horrific.

It is extremely easy for a body to be thrown forward in an impact, with the seatbelt unable to do its job, resulting in significant injuries as the legs are thrown through the windscreen. In cars with airbags, they are no saviour in this situation. Airbags deploy at speeds for higher than most vehicles travel, even up to 200 kilometres per hour. If your vehicle is involved in a relatively low speed impact and the airbags are deployed, your legs will be crushed by an object, the airbag and dashboard, travelling at up to 200 kilometres per hour.

The same goes for instances where limbs have been lost or severely injured on account of them protruding from the vehicle, let alone the reduced visibility as mirrors are obscured or false signals potentially given to other road users. Plus, the seats in a vehicle are designed to give maximum protection, and comfort, and not being correctly positions poses a risk, and can hinder visibility by the driver.

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