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If you are taking your children to school by car, remember that children under 1.35 metres in height are not allowed in the front seats. There are one or two exceptions, which you can read about on the website,

All occupants must be secured in the vehicle, by means of a seatbelt, or specially designed retention system suitable for them, that includes children. Those of a younger age must have a suitable seat which must be secured.

All objects must also be secure in the vehicle. That not only means their school bags, lunchboxes and football kit, but also that school project they have to take in, nearer the end of term.

When you arrive at the school drop off point, remember that the laws still apply to you, the same as any other driver. You are still not allowed to double park, block entrances, or park in an illegal place with your hazard lights on just because you are dropping off your children for school.

You must choose a safe, convenient and legal place to drop off your children. Where possible, ensure that they exit the vehicle on the pavement side, still warning them to be aware of their surroundings before opening the door. They may hit a pedestrian, item of street furniture, or another object, so they should be taught to be aware and alert before opening the door. If they have to leave on the road side, vigilance is even more important, they must check it is totally safe before opening the door, and must move to the pavement as soon as possible.

Remember, when you are about to pull away, pay extra attention to your surroundings too, including rigorous checks of your blind spots, as there could be children or other road users appearing from anywhere.

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