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A recent survey conducted by the Ponle Freno Study Centre has revealed that 40% of road users don’t know how to act in the presence of cyclists, and that two thirds of all road users don’t know who has priority at roundabouts.

The first thing that is seemingly lacking in knowledge is that at a roundabout, a group of cyclists are treated as a single unit. That is to say that if the first cyclist in the group has entered the roundabout, the remaining group will now take priority, therefore traffic on the roundabout must now wait until they have all passed. However, this rule is on the assumption that the first cyclist has already entered the roundabout. If the group are approaching a roundabout and see vehicles already on it, then they must give way to traffic already on the roundabout, in the same way as if they were a single cycle, or a car, for example. It is only when the first cyclist in the group has already entered the roundabout that the rest can then follow.

On an open road, remember that you must be able to safely pass a cyclist with at least 1.5 metres space between your vehicle and the cycle. This is also the only time it is permitted to cross the solid white line, if necessary, but only if no other vehicles are approaching, and that you can see that it is safe to proceed.

A cycle is treated the same as any other vehicle when on the road, therefore cyclists are also reminded that they too must comply with the same laws as other vehicles.

As well as many other rules particular only to cyclists, such as ensuring you can be seen, wearing a helmet out of town (children at all times), for example, you must also have a bell on your bicycle.

Similarly, you are not permitted to use a mobile phone when cycling, or wear headphones, as you too must maintain attention to the road at all times, just like all road users.

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