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Once again, Madrid is facing high levels of contamination caused by motor vehicle emissions, but unlike during previous episodes of pollution when everyone was confused as to who could drive where and when, this time the city council is able to better control access, thanks to the introduction of the Eco Sticker.

On Wednesday, 12 December, vehicles which do not display a sticker, and those which cause the highest contamination, will not be permitted to drive inside the boundaries of the M-30, nor will they be able to use the ring road.

The city council has activated their level 2 protocol for high levels of contamination by nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and so are restricting access to the city streets to those vehicles which cause the least pollution, i.e. vehicles which are petrol fuelled and registered from the year 200, and diesel vehicles from the year 2006, and displaying the appropriate eco sticker which certifies their environmental category.

In addition to the access restrictions, the speed limit on the M-30 will be reduced, and parking will be prohibited in certain areas, except for residents and vehicles which have a zero pollutant rating.

Although displaying the eco sticker is not yet mandatory, it is advisable, as situations like this proves. Town halls are free to restrict vehicle access to those which cause least pollution, and without prior warning, and so it is advisable to collect your eco sticker as soon as possible. This can be done by taking your vehicle documents to a main post office and paying a small fee.

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