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The second driver charged with riding an electric scooter without the appropriate licence has had the case concluded in court.

In the first case, the driver was given community service, whereas in this second case the driver has suffered both a fine and a deprivation of his licence.

The cases are as a result of a change in the law that regulates electric scooters over a certain power, 1,000W, and capable of speeds in excess of 25 kilometres per hour, which are now classed as mopeds, and require the rider to have an appropriate licence, insurance, safety equipment, and the vehicles themselves to be correctly registered.

In this second case, the driver was stopped by the local police in Lepe, and was not wearing a crash helmet at the time. Upon checking the documentation, the driver did not have the minimum AM driving licence and was subsequently processed for the criminal offence of driving without a licence, having never obtained one, and administrative charges for the lesser offences. The vehicle was seized and immobilised by the officers at the scene.

During the trial in Ayamonte, the driver, identified with the initials EMG, has been sentenced to an 8-month fine of six euro per day, with a subsidiary liability of one day of deprivation of liberty for every two daily instalments in case of non-payment.

The local police in Lepe were the first group to take action following the change in the law in May, 2019, and have been praised for their actions in keeping the roads safer for all, but action is now being taken at every level, local, regional and nationally, to control these vehicles and their drivers in line with the legislation.


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