The DGT has launched a new app that is the first step to providing documentation in digital form, allowing you to carry your driving licence on your mobile.

Automatic parking concept – hand holding and touching phone, parking a car automaticaly

The miDGT app – which has already been downloaded over a million times – allows you to leave your licence at home as it serves as a replacement for the official document. In addition, the app sends notices and news direct to your mobile device, all from the official source.

The app provides the opportunity to have a digital version of your photocard, and also gives you the opportunity to check your points, the data of the vehicles owned, environmental signs, ITV date, and to receive notifications regarding these data.

The launch is only the first stage of the development of the digital platform. During a second stage, the possibility of carrying out the procedures that are carried out at trafico offices or via the Internet, such as payment of fees to carry out procedures, notice and payment of fines, obtaining a vehicle report, the identification of the driver in case of sanction, determination of the habitual driver and the consultation of the exam notes, will all be included.

In the third phase, the registration and transfer (second-hand sale) of vehicles through miDGT will be included. In the future, the DGT wants to study how to send users only the messages that are relevant to them. Thus, for example, notifying you of when your licence is due to expire, as well as relevant information based on your location – for example, where the nearest ITV or traffic department is located.

Beware of imitations!

Other applications with similar functions are advertised in the app stores. In reality, they are websites that request user data – the DGT app does not request this – and, with them, they consult the DGT website to provide that data to their user. These unofficial apps have two disadvantages: first, that they can be monetised by introducing advertising to the user and the second, and more serious, is that the user is giving them their data that could be used for other purposes.

To ensure that the downloaded application is the official one, always look for the “miDGT” logo and make sure that the developer is the DGT itself. This will prevent advertising and ensure that your data is held by the Administration.

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