Officers from the Guardia Civil arrested a motorcyclist this week who was caught in a speed trap travelling at 206 kilometres per hour on a road where the maximum permitted speed was 90 kilometres per hour.

20150402 - Biker Arrested for 206 KMPH Speed Run

The speed check was being conducted on the CM-3115 Argamasilla de Alba to Ruidera road in the Ciudad Real area at the weekend on a black-spot where another motorcyclist lost their life in a crash in February.

The officers were unable to detain the biker at the time of recording the speed, and so began an investigation to locate the rider, which included using social network sites in order to assist in the identification process.

As a result, the officers correctly identified a 37 year old resident of Tomelloso, identified with the initials AFDLC, and enforce the arrest on suspicion of a crime against road safety, thus delivering the rider to the courts at Tomelloso.

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