As the winter months approach, it´s a good idea to remind ourselves about the rules surrounding carrying gas canisters, as many people in Spain still rely on bottled gas to heat their homes, and many more rely on bottled gas for cooking.

Although the gas supply companies will deliver the bottles to your home, many people find it more convenient to pick up their own supply at many of the outlets across the country, exchanging the empty bottles for full ones, but in order to do this, we have to think about the safety and security implications of carrying a potentially lethal canister.

Depending on their size and weight, the canisters can be very heavy as they are filled with pressurised gas. At home, care should be taken as to where they are stored, in well ventilated places, away from heat and ignition sources, far away from toxic materials and always in an upright position.

In the car, it is equally crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users.
Spanish law states that you may carry 2 gas bottles in the car, and they must be carried in an upright, vertical position. You must also take necessary measure to ensure that the canisters are secured in the vehicle and cannot move during the journey.

The law also states that when you are carrying gas canisters, it is forbidden to park the vehicle in an underground car park.

You should also check with your local supply company for their recommendations for storage and carriage, as gas canisters can pose a major threat if not handled correctly, but are perfectly safe if the advice is followed.

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