Dramatic footage from a CCTV system at a petrol station has been going viral through social networks, featuring a near catastrophic crash that ended with nothing but superficial damage.

In the video we see a Guardia Civil patrol car getting fuel at the roadside station. Some cars pass on the main road, before one car turns into the forecourt.

Immediately after we see an red car swerve into the petrol station, clip one of the pillars, and leave the shot.

At first glance, many people commented that the red car was at fault, as it was travelling too fast. Whereas inappropriate speed may have been a contributing factor, the quick reactions of the red car driver resulted in the avoidance of disaster.

On the main road, we see that a silver car is approaching in the opposite direction. This car begins a move to turn left into the petrol station, which would cross the path of the red car. The red car took evasive action to avoid this.

We also see that there is a solid white line on the road and, in the distance, the end of a no overtaking section clearly marked. The silver car should not have turned there and carried out an illegal move. It is also clear that the driver of the silver car failed to see or judge the approaching red car.

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