The New Year saw a new era in motoring in cities such as Barcelona, where the need to control pollution is now far exceeding the need of the motorist.

Although it has been in existence for a couple of years now, and is still not mandatory, the need for obtaining an environmental badge, or “eco sticker”, is ever increasing.

The DGT explain that the eco sticker a way of classifying vehicles “based on their energy efficiency, considering their environmental impact.”

That classification aims to “positively discriminate against the most environmentally friendly vehicles and be an effective instrument at the service of municipal policies, both restrictive of traffic in episodes of high pollution, and the promotion of new technologies through tax benefits or related to mobility and the environment.”

Although there are several outlets in the CETRAA workshop and the IDEAUTO administrative networks where you can obtain the sticker, by far the easiest way is from the correos post offices. All you have to do is present your car´s logbook and if you qualify then they will issue the sticker in exchange for a small fee.

However, not all vehicles will qualify for one of the four distinctions, so it is worth checking your car, especially is it is an older model, before you go.

In order to check if your vehicle is entitled to display an environmental badge, visit the webpage:, put your vehicle´s registration number in the box under the saying, “Introduce matrícula a consultar:”, and press the blue “Consultar” button. After a few moments, if your vehicle qualifies, you will be told which badge you can display in your vehicle.

The four badges available are:

  • 0 emissions, Blue: Identifies the most efficient and electric vehicles with extended autonomy and plug-in hybrids with a minimum autonomy of 40kms or fuel cell vehicles.
  • Eco Label: Next in efficiency, mostly hybrid vehicles, gas or both.
  • C, Green: Internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions standards.
  • B, Yellow: Internal combustion vehicles that, while not complying with the latest EURO emission specifications, do comply with previous ones.

All other vehicles that don´t qualify will not be permitted to display the badge and will also not be permitted to drive in the restricted zones, or you face a fine.

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