How can I transfer a car by myself?

If you have bought a car, remember you have 15 days to transfer it into your name. We are going to explain step by step how to do it;

– Write on the sale contract date/hour. From that moment you will be the provisional owner.
– You will need to take to the Traffic Office the following documents;

1- Sales Contract (signed by both parties)
2- Photocopy of the seller´s id.
3- Logbook (Permiso de Circulación and Itv). Both originals.
4- Last year Suma Tax.
5- Application to change the ownership which is the “Solicitud Cambio de Titularidad”. You can download it from dgt webpage or get one in the Traffic office.

When you have all these documents, call the number 060, to make an appointment.

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Go to the TAX OFFICE (Hacienda) and pay the TAX “Transfer Tax” (Transmisiones Patrimoniales, model 620). You can download this model from the webpage of the Ministry of Treasury. (

After paying the tax, go to the TRAFFIC OFFICE, where you will have to pay a FEE (depending of the vehicle you are going to buy; car, motorbike…) and give them the receipt you got when you pay the model 620 together with all 6 documents.

In a few minutes you will have the vehicle transfered into your name.

Good luck!


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