In Spain, the law is quite clear, motorhomes and campers are not allowed to “camp” on the street. But the question arises as to what defines “camping”, and what is simply a vehicle which is “parked”, albeit of a larger size, in the same way that any other car or van may occupy a space on the road.

There is a distinct difference between “camping” and “parking”. If any of these actions are performed, the vehicle is considered to be “camping”.

  • Emitting noise, such as by using a generator.
  • Extending sun blinds and shades.
  • Vehicle stabilisers or “feet” deployed.
  • Emptying or disposing of fluids.
  • Furniture such as tables and chairs placed outside the vehicle.
  • Side or “swing” windows opened, protruding from the vehicle perimeter.

The above activities can only be conducted in authorised places, such as campsites.


There are activities that a motorhome or campervan can perform whilst stopped which do not fall into the category of camping, in which the normal traffic rules apply.

  • Occupants inside the vehicle, eating or sleeping.
  • Opening the skylight or rooftop window, as this does not protrude from the vehicle perimeter.
  • Using wheel chocks on an incline.
  • Turning the wheels so as they are secured against the kerb.

All of those activities are permitted, so long as the vehicle is correctly and legally parked. These activities also apply day or night.



Parada y estacionamiento



Artículo 91 Modo y forma de ejecución

  1. La parada y el estacionamiento deberán efectuarse de tal manera que el vehículo no obstaculice la circulación ni constituya un riesgo para el resto de los usuarios de la vía, cuidando especialmente la colocación del vehículo y evitar que pueda ponerse en movimiento en ausencia del conductor

Artículo 93 Ordenanzas municipales

  1. El régimen de parada y estacionamiento en vías urbanas se regulará por ordenanza municipal, y podrán adoptarse las medidas necesarias para evitar el entorpecimiento del tráfico.

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