The N332 Facebook page has today reached a staggering 10,000 likes !!! — Thanks to all of you —


With so many new followers, we also thought it might be a good idea to explain a little about what we do and why we started this page.

Originally, a group of Guardia Civil traffic officers based in Torrevieja saw a need to advise the many foreign drivers in their area of the laws relating to driving in Spain, many of which are similar to those laws in your home country, but many of which are quite different.

Patrolling the streets on a daily basis, the officers could see the same problems over and over again, and so those problems seemed like a good place to start offering advice, and Facebook seemed the obvious platform to share the information.

The Facebook page became instantly popular, with many of the followers asking their own questions and getting answers from the officers behind the project, all coordinated by officer Francisco Morales who lead the Facebook team.

However, much like on the roads, it soon became clear that as the many followers began to grow, the same questions were being asked that had already been answered. Because of the nature of Facebook being more of a real time platform, it became difficult to search and find the previous articles, resulting in a lot more work for everybody involved.

The next logical step therefore was the creation of a website to catalogue these articles and make them easier to find. In order to achieve this, independent local journalist Mark Nolan began assembling a team behind the scenes to assist in the creation of the site.

Now, after just a few months, collectively both the N332 Facebook and website teams have been able to bring together such professionals as lawyers, driving instructors, translators and of course serving traffic police officers, to make sure that the information provided on both platforms is correct.

As we now reach this milestone of 10,000 Facebook followers, the website being of similar popularity, it is time to focus the attention on ensuring the relevant information is disseminated to those who need it, the drivers and road users.

In addition to the Facebook and website platforms, we have also been able to collaborate with numerous newspapers and magazine across the country, and the islands of Spain, so that the information is spread through the largest network possible.

Although we still have a long way to go before we finish collating the information, you can imagine that the four books relating to traffic laws alone are so complicated themselves, translating them into an understandable format takes time, and that is where our future focus will be.

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You can continue to interact with Francisco Morales and the team on Facebook, but please have a look at the website, before asking questions, so that the focus can be on providing new information as well as still offering the archive of everything we have said in the past.

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